Think the Real25+ Weight Loss protocol could be for you? Hear about the program from some of our success stories.

Sue - 8kg lighter and I feel fantastic!


With the support the program has, the very clear instructions, the safe non-toxic nutritional products, along with excellent guidance from my support mentor, I achieved an 8kg drop in under a month.


The program shows you how to maintain your new weight with diet and this gives me control and power to keep the weight off.  Also, to support this new life, I keep up the daily weigh-ins, water, and nutritional support, which improves my overall health. 

This program has made me more confident, not just in my body, but in my future. I feel well inside and out.

Sue, Western Australia

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January 2017 

May 2017 

Alanah - Released 12kg to date!


I started the Real25+ protocol in February. I was overweight, self conscious and stuck for a way to change my lifestyle. Using the Real25+ protocol I dropped over 12 kg in 60 days and transformed my life.


I feel healthier, fitter and stronger, my cravings for sugar and junk food are gone, I no longer stress eat or binge on food. For the first time in a long time I feel in control of my weight and my diet.


The program is simple and easy to follow with clear guidelines for what you can eat and provides an excellent pathway to a healthier lifestyle.

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Kerry - 7kg lighter on the first round and another 6kg the second time.


I've tried so many different diet programs and this was so much easier! I didn't feel hungry and I managed to make it work around lunch and dinner engagements.


Plus, you are eating real food so you can design meals to cater for family too, with easy to follow recipes.


This program helped me balance my moods and hormones and has given me much greater energy. The flexible weekly meal plans make it really easy to shop and have the right food on hand. I've rediscovered the pleasure of eating delicious fresh fruit and vegetables.

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