Real25Plus Weight Loss Protocol - Choosing Healthy First

Looking to lose up to 10% of your body weight in 25 Days!!?


Seeking more ENERGY and better HEALTH, or to balance your WEIGHT or reduce weight and learn how to keep it off...


then, the Real25+ WHOLE Food based, Weight Loss protocol may be for YOU!


Real25+ makes it SO simple!


With ongoing group support and one on one contact with a mentor who has done the program themselves, you don’t have to go it alone. 


We found this so much easier to do together, so grab a friend or 2, get Real! and let us be your healthy friends

       Contact the team at Real25+  to begin your journey




Step 1 : Reload and Prepare (3 days)


  • infuse your body with intense nutrition and get your kitchen and brain in order, to prepare


Step 2 : Remove and Rest (22 days)


  • eliminate potentially inflammatory foods and reduce the strain on your body


then, once you've lost weight and because you don't want to revert to bad habits - we encourage you to follow through with another 14 to 22 days completing Step 3 and then 4 OR  if you wish to lose more weight, you can repeat Step 2.



Step 3 : Repair, Reset and Replenish (22 to 40 days)


  • restore balance as you introduce a range of foods, learn how your body reacts and focus on gut flora,



Step 4 : Recalibrate and review (ongoing)


  • plan for the future, whether you have more weight to lose or not - eating for life and energy!

In general, Our Healthy Friend Detox is suitable for anyone – men and women – who want the confidence of a nutrient dense diet, high quality nutritional supplements to support a healthy gut and to learn to deal with challenges in their environment. This is achieved through eating real food, taking adequate nutrition, learning good sleep habits, incorporating movement into your lifestyle and retraining your brain to think like a healthy person.


This program is not recommended for use by children under 18 or pregnant women. A healthy weight loss program should incorporate a balanced diet and regular exercise. If you have a health condition or are taking medications seek medical advice before beginning any new diet or exercise programme. We are not medically qualified and do not offer medical advice.



  • This program is based on extensive research, including recent research which shows that low carbohydrates, high vegetable content, fast weight loss, intermittent fasting and daily weigh ins along with guidance on meditation, sleep, behaviour and gentle movement, are beneficial to ongoing weight loss success

  • This is gut healing and cleansing rather than dieting, providing the body with nutrients it needs

  • It focuses on removing toxins but supporting the body to move them out quickly

  • Provides nutritional support for gentle detox

  • It targets unwanted fat

  • Increased exercise is not a requirement initially but you are encouraged to continue your normal routine, walk daily and gradually increase movement

  • Recognising the gut is our largest immune organ, this program provides gentle gut support

  • We'll also support you with well researched fun challenges to help you retrain your brain to think like a slim and healthy person


It's about lifestyle understanding and change as well as cm loss! Record your measurements each week and watch cms fall off.

Each journey begins with a single step...


THE Real25+ Weight Loss, I'm interested but I need more information...


I like the sound of a nutrient dense diet, high-quality nutritional supplements to support a healthy gut and to learn to deal with challenges to keep the weight off, but what will it cost?


To start Real25+ you buy the essential nutrition products for under $275, for 25 days - this is one off purchase NOT a monthly fee. This is for the whole 25 days, you only purchase more if you want to lose more weight after the first round or support your body through maintenance. Real25+ program uses high quality supplements. After this purchase, you receive access to our members' area for the 25 days to complete Steps 1 and 2, with a small member only Facebook Group, easy to follow meal plans, approved food lists, and brain training and lifestyle change input. You also receive FREE mentor support with mentors who have completed Real25+ themselves.


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